Atlantic Power & Infrastructure
Sustainable Technology
for a Clean Planet
AP&I develops renewable energy and eco-friendly infrastructure products, ensuring a cleaner, healthier and more energy-secure future for our planet.
Atlantic Power & Infrastructure Corp.
(Traded OTC-AWSL)

AP&I, through its many divisions, is committed to helping solve a worldwide environmental crisis with proven sustainable technologies. By repurposing destructive waste into eco-friendly commodities, we manufacture smarter materials used in infrastructure, renewable energy, earth reclamation projects, water and air purification, and other critical industries.
Smarter Materials for Next Generation Infrastructure™
K.B. Industries, Inc. (KBI) is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Atlantic Power & Infrastructure. KBI, founded in 2002, created the world’s first flexible, porous paving products and solutions. From our category leading KBI Flexi®-Pave, to our newest innovations in water treatment and shoreline protection, we combine technology and experience to solve the toughest environmental and infrastructure problems.
Responsible for the development of Tire Recycling Plants. Our facilities convert used car, truck and off-the-road (OTR) tires into high quality recycled tire granule that is specifically sized for KBI’s scrap tire construction products. This eco-friendly commodity is wire and fiber-free, and used in KBI infrastructure projects in the USA and International markets.
We use the natural, vulcanized strength of scrap tires, along with KBI’s proprietary technology, and convert the tire material into proven, sustainable infrastructure construction products. KBI Flexi®-Pave, a flexible, porous paving material, is especially used in storm water management and erosion control projects. KBI Flexi®-TWall is used for erosion and noise abatement. KBI Flexi®-Drain is used for shallow drainage engineering options and other KBI scrap tire construction projects.
We convert municipal solid waste (MSW), as well as biomass agricultural, yard, food and raw sewage into energy pellets. This is a beneficial commodity that can be used for fertilizer, animal feed, fuel or electricity, using our Zero Emission Waste to Electricity (ZEW2E) solution.
We remove red algae blooms from rivers and lakes, using solar powered, wind propelled communication technology. These machines literally see flaws in the water around them, and correct those flaws by restoring natural balance, thereby producing a valuable byproduct for resale.
We resolve the constant challenge of maintaining non-paved roads using soil stabilization technology that is achieved by advanced, cross-linking polymer breakthroughs. This technology reduces erosion and need for repair, and improves dust control significantly.
NGAG has taken the lead in regenerative farming practices, with their proprietary range of affordable, eco-friendly solutions to the problems that currently stand before farmers and growers. Our global clientele ranges from regional farming co-operatives to multi-national manufacturers and distributors of sustainable inputs for the agriculture, horticulture, forestry, and amenity sectors.
Keep Helping The World
AP&I is strategically focused on technological solutions that reverse the effects of environmentally damaging products and waste on a global scale. By understanding these problems, we deliver proven, sustainable technologies and eco-friendly products used in Next Generation Infrastructure™.