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Earth Reclamation Next Generation (ERNG) utilizes sustainable soil stabilization technology to control serious problems from dust erosion to road stabilization.

Sustainable soil stabilization is achieved by advanced cross-linking polymer breakthroughs developed by ERNG. These technologies are used successfully to control dust and soil erosion, which leads to increase agricultural yields, while reducing operation costs, equipment repairs and maintenance expenses.


“Fugitive” dust and other airborne & waterborne particles from unpaved roads, construction and mining sites are a huge and growing problem worldwide.  These harmful elements pose serious health problems by spreading infections, polluting water quality, and destroying aquatic habitats with sediment that washes into waterways. These deposits block water supplies and drainage channels needed by people, animals and plants, causing a significantly negative impact on crop yields and infection, further impacting the economy.


ERNG believes in putting earth back in its natural order through its sustainable soil stabilization technology.  Our advanced, cross-linking polymer breakthroughs are solvent free, safe, non-toxic, non-flammable and non-polluting, improving the health of formerly exposed workers and the local communities.  Our technology is successfully used to control dust and soil erosion, help increase agricultural yields, reduce operation costs, minimize equipment repairs, and lower maintenance costs. Our products are proven for particle control on unpaved roads, sand migration, volcanic ash, mining tailings, airport runways, construction sites, oil and gas operations and military applications.

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