Atlantic Power & Infrastructure (AP&I) Reduces Greenhouse Gas Emissions Through Its Scrap Tire Construction Products Division (STCP)

Governments around the world are more committed than ever to achieving reductions in Carbon Emissions.

STCP utilizes K.B. Industries (KBI) technology to significantly lower CO2 emissions. Instead of incinerating scrap tires that would normally release harmful amounts of CO2 into the earth’s atmosphere, STCP recycles the scrap tires into sustainable construction products, such as its KBI Flexi®-Pave and KBI Flexi®-Twall. For example, four passenger tires are recycled to produce a square meter of KBI Flexi®-Pave, which contributes significantly to the waste reduction issues we face.

Scrap Tire Construction Products


Additionally, the scrap tire material used by STCP provides further benefits and solutions to the engineering community when addressing urbanized infrastructure problems:

  • The porous nature of KBI Flexi®-Pave helps to reduce surface water run-off and alleviate pressure on drainage infrastructure by directing water into natural aquifers.
  • The filtration that occurs when water passes through KBI Flexi®-Pave is proven to remove Orthophosphates and dissolved Nitrates, promoting cleaner water recharge.
  • Laboratory leach-testing of virgin KBI Flexi®-Pave samples show virtually no material leaching as a result of water flow (Supporting documentation is available).

Greenhouse Gas Equivalencies​

One vehicle tire releases 22kg of CO2 when burnt
A single 25kg (50lb) bag used to create KBI Flexi®- Pave contains the rubber   from Four Recycled Tyres and produces approximately One Square Metre @ 50mm (2”) thick
One Square Metre of KBI Flexi®- Pave saves 88kg of CO2 from being released  into the Earth’s Atmosphere
One KBI Flexi®- Twall saves 440kg of CO2 from being released into the Earth’s  Atmosphere (5 bags x 4 tyres) x 22kg CO2 = 1,056kg)
Twelve 25kg bags of Recycled KBI Tire Granule used in the manufacture of a  KBI Flexi®- Pave pathway would have generated just over 1 metric tonne of CO2  had the tyres been incinerated (12 bags x 4 tyres) x 22kg CO2 = 1,056kg)




KBI Flexi™-Pave



KBI Flexi™-Twall


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