Next Generation Tire Recycling (NGTR) is responsible for the development of Tire Recycling Plants.

Waste tires are a serious environmental problem, since vulcanized rubbers require many years to degrade naturally, and remain for long periods of time in the environment. Most end-of-life tires are incinerated for energy recovery or discarded as waste in landfills, especially for highly degraded rubber wastes. These options are no longer acceptable for the environment and a circular economy.

NGTR’s Plants offer an effective recycling solution for mankind’s increasing tire waste problems. Our facilities are used to convert car, truck and off-the-road tires in to high-quality recycled tire granules that are specifically sized for KBI’s Scrap Tire Construction Products. Our eco-friendly commodity is wire and fiber-free, and used in KBI infrastructure projects in the USA and throughout International markets.


Collectively we drive 1.5 billion tires a year to the end of their usefulness, creating a global waste problem that increases every day. End of life tires are difficult to process for any kind of recycling, as they are a complex mix of natural and synthetic rubber, fiber and wire. They are not biodegradable. Tires do not rot naturally. And, their numbers continue to increase daily throughout the globe.


The focus of KBI’s Tire Recycling Plants are to salvage and reprocess scrap tires into “engineered” tire granules. By utilizing the natural strength, long-term permeability, flexibility and resistance to tree root intrusion and freeze/thaw cracking, this valuable commodity can be vertically integrated into dozens of Infrastructure products developed by KBI - promoting a sustainable circular economy. We call it “Smarter Materials for Next Generation Infrastructure™.”

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