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Zero Emissions Waste to Energy (ZEW2E) Technology offers a scalable solution to mankind’s increasing garbage and waste problems.

ZEW2E uses proprietary Zero Emission Waste To Electricity (ZEW2E) Technology to convert municipal solid waste (MSW) as well as agricultural biomass, yard, food, and even raw sewage waste into energy pellets. This beneficial, recycled commodity can be used for fertilizer, animal feed, fuel or electricity, creating a sustainable circular economy solution.


Every year we dump more than 2 Billion Tons of waste on the planet. If all this waste was put on trucks they would stretch around the world 24 times! Frighteningly, it is thought that several million children between the ages of 5 and 17 live on dumpsites around the world. This is a global problem which needs the world’s focus to save our planet, as well as the children living in these areas.


Zero Emissions Waste to Energy (ZEW2E) is a patented technology process whereby waste is sorted, shredded, treated to kill bacteria and odor, and then pressed into energy pellets. The pellets can be used as fertilizer or fuel, or can be repurposed further to produce Syngas. This product can drive an electrical turbine with no measurable harmful emissions, subsequently protecting our livable environment.

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