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Scrap Tire Construction Products (STCP) converts recycled tire material into proven, sustainable infrastructure products.

Through vertical integration with Next Generation Tire Recycling (NGTR) Plants, STCP produces a high-quality recycled tire granule that is used in a wide variety of infrastructure products. Our eco-friendly tire granule is an excellent quality, construction product that is both permeable and can withstand substantial loadings.

Industry leading products such as our Flexi®-Pave offer advantages for applications in terms of long and short-term permeability, flexibility, crack resistance, trip hazard resistance and slip resistance. This porous paving material is especially useful in storm water management and erosion control projects.


Automotive and truck tires are the main application of vulcanized rubber because of their high resistance to severe outdoor conditions such as chemical reagents, high temperatures, radiations and shear stress during their lifetime. From an environmental point of view, waste tires with a non-biodegradable structure and a high volume of production raises serious ecological concerns. Historically poor solutions, such as landfilling, causes health and environmental risks of accidental fires and contamination of underground water resources.


STCP uses the natural, vulcanized strength of scrap tires, along with KBI’s proprietary technology, to convert the recycled tire material into proven, sustainable infrastructure construction products. Through the eco-friendly recovery and recycling of waste tires, STCP provides an effective solution to new regulations introduced by governments and environmental organizations worldwide. And, with the immense tonnage of scrap tires available yearly to produce our products, STCP enjoys a profitable ROI within a sustainable circular economy.

STCP produces the following products and solutions to the construction infrastructure industry:

  • KBI Flexi®- Safe - Provides a playground soft surface
  • KBI Perma-Drive - An all-stone alternative porous pavement
  • KBI Flexi®- Pave - The original flexible porous paving system
  • KBI Flexi®- Clean - The most advanced passive water treatment system
  • KBI Flexi®- Drain - The surgical BMP that solves drainage issues
  • KBI Flexi®- Mulch - The low maintenance, sustainable alternative for planting beds
  • KBI Flexi®- Pothole - The long lasting, sustainable solution for pothole repairs


  • KBI Flexi®- Roof - The modular protection system for flat roof applications
  • KBI Flexi®- Twall - The world's first porous retaining wall system made out of recycled scrap tire granule



Smarter Materials for Next Generation Infrastructure™

We believe we should leave the planet better than we found it

K.B. Industries, Inc. (KBI), founded in 2002, is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Atlantic Power & Infrastructure.  Our focus is to solve universal infrastructure challenges with better ideas, new technologies and smarter materials. We do this through repurposing environmentally damaging products and waste into eco-friendly products that can be applied to multiple industries.

Our core mission is to develop these beneficial products while simultaneously protecting and preserving our most precious natural resources – water and air.


A company built for positive impact on our world

KBI revolutionized the paving industry with the introduction of KBI Flexi®-Pave, the world’s first flexible porous paving solution. By combining recycled passenger & truck tire rubber with rock aggregate in to a monolithic surface, we created a massively porous, structural material that can be used for a variety of infrastructure applications.

This sustainable technology allows us to solve many global infrastructure problems with innovative materials and design approaches. Uses include porous paving applications, water treatment solutions and shoreline protection projects – including ship docks.


KBI Flexi®-Pave

The original flexible porous paving system

KBI Flexi®-Pave, our flagship product, represents the genesis and cornerstone of our technology and product line. Developed in 2001, it created the gold standard for flexible porous paving. Years of development and refinement have created the world’s finest porous paving technology; able to withstand the rigors of modern infrastructure while providing long-lasting, comprehensive, cost-effective solutions.

Flexi®-Pave has extensive pore spaces that provide stormwater management advantages, but doesn’t sacrifice strength. Combined with aggregate and the proper substrate, Flexi®-Pave supports loads up to 80,000 pounds without cracking, helping solve some of the toughest infrastructure challenges.  The result is a cooler surface that reduces heat island effects, controls pollution runoff, and enhances groundwater recharge. With more than a decade of experience,Flexi®-Pave has been used to construct access roads, driveways, parking areas, sidewalks, trails, jogging paths, golf cart paths, pool decks, ramps, tree surrounds, stormwater drains and many more surfaces. 



  • Flexible - does not crack like typical pavement
  • Porous - allows for thousands of gallons per hour of groundwater recharge
  • Cleansing - reduces dissolved nitrates and phosphates by as much as 88%
  • ADA Compliant - provides a safe, secure surface
  • Sustainable - uses high volumes of recycled tires in its construction
  • Green - LEED qualified construction material, meeting 6 out of 7 LEED categories, and providing up to 11+ Points


  • Lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) - longer lifespan than traditional alternatives
  • Lowers Operating Costs - reduced maintenance expense
  • Reduces Liability Risks - safer materials equals fewer lawsuits and claims


  • Reduced Maintenance - no more repairs due to breakage or settling
  • Manages Stormwater - allows groundwater to efficiently return into the earth while controlling erosion
  • Improves Groundwater Quality - cleans the water as it passes through the material
  • Meets Federal Standards - ensures your entry and access paths are safe for wheelchairs and walkers
  • Environmental - consumes 3 tires for every 10 sq-ft of material installed.





KBI Flexi™-Twall

Each KBI Flexi™-Twall uses 20 scrap passenger tires

KBI Flexi™-Twall is the world's first porous retaining wall system made out of recycled scrap tire granule.  The whole surface area of the wall is porous, eliminating hydrostatic water forces that would continually exert pressure at the back of traditional retaining wall structures.



KBI Flexi®-Drain

The surgical BMP that solves drainage issues

KBI Flexi®-Drain provides a low impact, surgical alternative to treat drainage problems. From cross-cut installations that prevent roadside runoff in driveways to solving standing water issues, it’s the perfect answer to a variety of challenges. It can be installed in new development areas as well as retrofit applications, providing an ounce of prevention that solves a ton of problems.



KBI Flexi®-Mulch

The low maintenance, sustainable alternative for planting beds

KBI Flexi®-Mulch provides the same sustainable technology of our core infrastructure products in an offering targeted toward commercial and municipal planting beds. It combines our multiple color offerings with our proprietary binder to provide a sustainable mulch alternative. You’ll benefit from years of a long-lasting, nonmigrating product that has all the benefits of natural mulch without the mess and expense of ongoing maintenance.



KBI Flexi®-Pothole

The long lasting, sustainable solution for pothole repairs

KBI Flexi®-Pothole is a specialty product designed for municipal and commercial entities that have ongoing road maintenance issues. Using our Next Generation technology, we’ve developed a pothole repair system that outlasts everything else on the market in an easy to install, quick setting product.



KBI Flexi®-Roof

The modular protection system for flat roof applications

KBI Flexi®-Roof is designed for the flat roof market and provides a sustainable solution that protects your roofing membrane in a secure, non-migrating ballast. It’s impervious to hail and provides protection for your roofing investment. Sold in premade panels, it goes down quickly to allow for immediate use and access to your flat roof.




The architectural advancement in porous surfacing

Perma-Drive is an all-stone alternative porous pavement.  While not flexible like KBI Flexi®-Pave, it is tough enough to be used for applications such as parking stalls.



Certified Installers Map

Below is a map of KBI Flexi™-Pave Certified Installers.  Call for more information.

Preferred Certified Installers

We have Certified Installers in the following cities:

Danbury, CT
Clearwater, FL
Miami, FL
Harmans, MD
Tampa, FL
Wilmington, NC
Hamilton Township, NJ
Tacoma, WA
Salt Lake City, UT
Fresno, CA
Providence, RI
Boston, MA
Itasca, IL
Joplin, MO
Scott, LA
SW Ranches, FL
Michigan City, IN
Syracuse, NY
Slidell, LA
Renton, WA
Brownsville, TX
Nashville, TN

Green Partnership Program™ for Municipalities & Other Qualified Entities

KBI’s self-install option for qualified customers

KBI’s Green Partnership Program™ (GPP) provides municipal, educational, and commercial clients the option to self-install our most popular products. The GPP trains your staff on proper techniques and methods to solve everyday infrastructure challenges while providing installation flexibility and cost savings.

Call 1 (727) 723-3300, or send us an email by clicking HERE for more information about KBI Flexi®-Products or KBI’s Green Partnership Program.  Let us show you how we can start saving you time and money while saving our planet.


KBI's Green Partnership Program™ in Action

Reduces Greenhouse Gas Emissions

CO2 Neutral

Governments around the world are now becoming more committed to achieving reductions in Carbon Emissions.  

APAI's Scrap Tire Construction Products Division (STCP) uses K.B. Industries (KBI) Technology to help lower Co2 emissions by utilizing scrap tires in the manufacture of their sustainable construction products.  Instead of incinerating the scrap tires that would normally release CO2 into the Earth's atmosphere, products like our KBI Flexi®-Pave and KBI Flexi®-Twall, we use these scrap tires to manufacture green products to help sustain the environment.

The use of recycled tires within KBI's STCP contributes significantly to the waste reduction issue. For example; each square meter of KBI Flexi®-Pave uses four recycled passenger tires.

Furthermore, the porous nature of KBI Flexi®-Pave helps to reduce surface water run-off and aleviate pressure on drainage infrastructure, directing water instead to natural aquifers.  The filtration that occurs when water passes through KBI Flexi®-Pave is also proven to remove orthophosphates and dissolved nitrates, promoting cleaner water recharge.  Furthermore, laboratory leach testing of virgin KBI Flexi®-Pave samples also shows virtually no material leaching as a result of water flow.



KBI Applications


Solve standing water issues

Drainage problems are one of the most frustrating and challenging aspects for any property owner or manager to deal with. Our drainage solutions can solve virtually any issue through proven and tested engineering.

More Information



Reduce maintenance costs with smarter materials

Landscaping is not just an aesthetic element of your property. It helps define the image and ultimately the value of your investment.

More Information



Prevent site degradation due to water flows

Erosion issues in an around your property are problematic and unsightly; if not resolved they lead to bigger and more expensive repairs down the road.

More Information


Stormwater / MS-4

Prevent site degradation due to water flows

Stormwater runoff is a rapidly growing concern for both business owners and municipalities. Our proven and tested line of products can help you slow down and percolate your site’s stormwater.

More Information


Trails and Paths

The ideal long term solution

Walking trails, paths and sidewalks have historically been an afterthought for infrastructure design. Today, they are becoming a primary focus for urban footprints and recreational areas alike.

More Information


Tree Surrounds

Save money on maintenance while boosting tree health

Tree Surrounds are one of the most under-appreciated elements in urban infrastructure. They must provide protection for the trees while allowing adequate air and water infiltration.

More Information


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