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Scrap Tire Construction Products (STCP) converts recycled tire material into proven, sustainable infrastructure products.

Through vertical integration with Next Generation Tire Recycling (NGTR) Plants, STCP produces a high-quality recycled tire granule that is used in a wide variety of infrastructure products. Our eco-friendly tire granule is an excellent quality, construction product that is both permeable and can withstand substantial loadings.

Industry leading products such as our Flexi®-Pave offer advantages for applications in terms of long and short-term permeability, flexibility, crack resistance, trip hazard resistance and slip resistance. This porous paving material is especially useful in storm water management and erosion control projects.


Automotive and truck tires are the main application of vulcanized rubber because of their high resistance to severe outdoor conditions such as chemical reagents, high temperatures, radiations and shear stress during their lifetime. From an environmental point of view, waste tires with a non-biodegradable structure and a high volume of production raises serious ecological concerns. Historically poor solutions, such as landfilling, causes health and environmental risks of accidental fires and contamination of underground water resources.


STCP uses the natural, vulcanized strength of scrap tires, along with KBI’s proprietary technology, to convert the recycled tire material into proven, sustainable infrastructure construction products. Through the eco-friendly recovery and recycling of waste tires, STCP provides an effective solution to new regulations introduced by governments and environmental organizations worldwide. And, with the immense tonnage of scrap tires available yearly to produce our products, STCP enjoys a profitable ROI within a sustainable circular economy.

STCP produces the following products and solutions to the construction infrastructure industry:

  • KBI Flexi®- Pave - The original flexible porous paving system
  • KBI Flexi®- Clean - The most advanced passive water treatment system
  • KBI Flexi®- Drain - The surgical BMP that solves drainage issues
  • KBI Flexi®- Mulch - The low maintenance, sustainable alternative for planting beds
  • KBI Flexi®- Pothole - The long lasting, sustainable solution for pothole repairs
  • KBI Flexi®- Roof - The modular protection system for flat roof applications

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