Atlantic Wind & Solar Launches Swift Homes - Ultra Affordable Modular Housing

Jun 21, 2021 ·   Company News

May 4, 2016 - Toronto ON Canada, Atlantic Wind & Solar Inc. (OTC: AWSL) is pleased to announce the launch of SWIFT HOMES, an ultra affordable prefab modular housing line.

As part of the Company's recently announced Sustainable Living Initiative Atlantic launched this prefab line of modular housing to provide an extremely low cost swift solution.

For low cost housing, emergency shelter, or remote operations, the SWIFT HOMES line is an ideal choice for quick deployment of housing, office, and instant community solutions.

Scalable Construction 
Modularity makes construction fast and efficient. It also allows for scalability on both an individual and community basis. Just as a SWIFT HOMES community can begin with one home and expand later, a SWIFT HOMES home site could begin with one dwelling. Buildings could be added and connected as desired allowing the home owner to move in right away while planning their dream home from on-site. Expansion can occur on your schedule with flexible timing and expenditure. This marks a huge timing and funding advantage over the traditional “build it all now!” model. Financial sustainability thus comes as an added bonus.

The Company will provide a selection of predesigned low cost houses, using our prefabricated construction system which offers from 14.4 m2 (144 sq ft) to 150 m2 (1,500 sq ft ) per module of accommodation area and have been optimized for low cost housing projects.

SWIFT HOMES can  design low cost structures to suit almost any project specific requirements. Our prefabricated homes are manufactured in Europe and supplied as complete packages, including the building, all of the internal and external finishes, double glazed window units, internal plumbing installation, the electrical system and lighting with bathroom and kitchen.

Partnering with Atlantic Wind & Solar Inc. all SWIFT HOMES can be outfitted with solar power generation to suit requirements.

The SWIFT HOMES team has spent years designing and engineering high performance homes that we feel are superior to any other modularized home offered to the public today. Sustainable zero energy homes have a combination of energy efficiency, sustainability, safety, and the provision of a healthy living environment that can only be found in our communities and homes.


About Atlantic Wind and Solar Inc:
Atlantic is a developer of utility scale renewable energy plants with over 1 GW of projects at various stages of development in Canada, South America, South Asia and the Caribbean. Through its Sustainable Living Initiative the Company  develops off-grid, or partially off-grid, communities and resorts. It’s low cost SWIFT HOMES modular  line represents the ability to quickly kickstart sustainable living construction as well as the communities in which future homes can be built.  

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