West Virginia Court Rules in Favor of Atlantic Wind & Solar Securing Court Order to Cancel 5 Million Shares in Previously Announced Hybridyne Acquisition

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Press Release
Source: Atlantic Wind and Solar Inc.
On Wednesday September 15, 2010

Toronto, ON September, 15, 2010 TORONTO - Atlantic Wind & Solar Inc. (OTC:AWSL) is pleased to announce that following its application to a West Virginia Court the company has received a court order to cancel all the shares issued as part of the acquisition of Hybridyne Power Systems Canada (HPSC) (www.hybridynepower.com) and its applicable dividends.

Hybridyne Power Systems Canada Transaction

According to court filings:

In the HPSC acquisition, the existing 47.5% shareholders were to transfer their HPSC shares in return for the consideration. Despite the sellers receiving their consideration they simply refused to deliver the HPSC shares or to return the AWSL shares. Despite acting in good faith that the deal was complete and merely a lawyer's administrative delay on the set forth deal, it eventually became clear the sellers had no intent in releasing their HPSC shares. Despite numerous attempts to remedy the default, the Company had no choice but to seek a court order.

Total shares cancelled were 5,000,000 shares representing 3,000,000 shares plus the 2,000,000 in stock dividends.

Atlantic Wind & Solar's Chairman, Gilles A. Trahan stated, "We are pleased justice was served today and this chapter regarding the Hybridyne acquisition through the issuance of AWSL shares to its principals is now finally behind us. Although it was disappointing to have been the recipients of the many misrepresentation and actions in an attempt to expropriate shares and cash from AWSL, today's court order demonstrates that the laws do protect us from actions of this nature."

The company further intends to pursue the Hybridyne Groups of Companies including the Newcastle Solar farm for several hundred thousand dollars for the cash advances to its principals, Hybridyne suppliers and to the OPA to secure the FIT contract on Newcastle Site A 2 MW ground mount solar project.

AWSL... Poised for Growth

Through focused management, potential acquisitions, strategic alliances, and advanced technologies Atlantic Wind & Solar Inc. is poised for growth at the forefront of the massive global shift towards environmentally friendly, economical Renewable Energy. The Company is working with parties in the Real Estate sector in Ontario and abroad to secure rooftop leases suitable for AWSL's photovoltaic (PV) renewable energy systems.

Looking Ahead

As powerful new Renewable Energy incentives, such as friendly tax treatments, grants and generous government feed-in-tariffs, are introduced in the Americas and abroad, AWSL plans on fully leveraging its relationships, business model and advanced technologies to capture a significant share of these dynamic emerging markets.

Sales and Marketing Contacts

Property owners and managers with unobstructed commercial rooftops of 20,000 s/f or bigger in the Province of Ontario, Canada, and for which they are interested in possibly leasing to AWSL, are invited to contact Mr. Tom Casagrande +1 800 891 1657 ext. 238.

For information regarding investing in solar, or investing in renewable energy, please contact Brent O'Connor at



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