Flexi(R)-Pave Installation Withstands Hurricane Ian's Devastating Destruction in Fort Myers, Florida

Nov 30, 2022 ·   Company News

Flexi®-Pave Shows Significant Success in The Face of Hurricane Forces with its Inherent Capabilities to Resist the Hydrostatic Pressures Exerted When Storm Surges Recede.

TAMPA BAY, FL / ACCESSWIRE / November 29, 2022 / Atlantic Power & Infrastructure Corp's. (OTC PINK: AWSL) wholly owned subsidiary K.B. Industries Inc., proves that Flexi®-Pave shows incredible resistance to Hydrostatic Forces.

Hurricane Ian's direct hit on Fort Myers

The most destructive hurricane since 1935, delivered the onslaught of Hurricane Ian's direct hit on Fort Myers, FL., which resulted in an Eight Foot Storm Surge on top of Flexi®-Pave Sidewalks at the Mound House Museum. As predicted, the Flexi®-Pave installation withstood the full force of Ian's surge.



Flexi®-Pave after 8 Feet of Storm Surge

Alison Giesen, Director of Culture, Parks, and Recreation in the Town of Fort Myers Beach stated that "the Flexi®-Pave was not affected in the slightest even with having over eight feet of sea water on it! Much of the property experienced serious damage except for the KBI's Flexi®-Pave sidewalks".

About the Installation

With the sidewalks being Flexi®-Pave andhaving a porosity rate of 3000 gallons per square foot per hour. The Flexi®-Pave showed an immense capability to release "trapped water forces" underneath the Flexi®-Pave that were trying to escape as the storm surge receded. These forces usually displace and crack traditional concrete and asphalt paving, thus clearly demonstrating K.B. Industries Inc`s "Next Generation of Paving" alternatives to storm water engineers when proactively planning coastal urbanized Infrastructure against hurricane forces.

Kevin Bagnall CEO, AWSL stated…" This installation of Flexi®-Pave at Mound House most certainly illustrates the beneficial return of investment and long-term savings for our clients. Their original interest was based of the many benefits of Flexi®-Pave including the Slip Resistance and Non-cracking features offered by the installation of Flexi®-Pave"

About Mount House Museum

Located in Fort Myers, The Mound House Museum https://moundhouse.org invites guests to explore one of the most powerful ancient cultures of Southwest Florida. With interactive beach walks and guided kayak eco-tours, guests navigate the same waters where ancient costal tribes once fished. This unique archaeological destination explores the history of the 2,000-year-old Calusa Indian Shell Mound and surrounding natural environment. Mount House Museum is currently undergoing extensive restoration after the damage caused by Hurricane Ian on September 28, 2022.

About Flexi®-Pave

Flexi®-Pave uses the natural, vulcanized strength of scrap tires, along with KBI's proprietary technology, and converts the "Recycled Tire Granules" into proven, sustainable infrastructure construction products. This massively porous but strong structural material can be used for a variety of infrastructure applications with demonstrated success. Applications include storm water management, water treatment and shoreline protection projects, including ship docks Flexi®-Pave offers long and short-term permeability, flexibility, crack resistance (even freeze-thaw conditions) trip hazard resistance and slip resistance. Notable locations include Yellowstone National Park; Arlington National Cemetery; Red Butte Gardens, Utah; Atlanta Georgia's Iconic Beltline; Kew Botanical Gardens, London England.

About Atlantic Power & Infrastructure Corp.

Atlantic Power and Infrastructure Corp. provides environmental technologies including converting recycled tire material into proven, sustainable infrastructure products. Its flagship product Flexi®-Pave`s resounding strength, flexibility and porous nature which protects from land erosion has led to its use in high profile shoreline break walls and other marine and infrastructure projects. The Company's water purification technology removes harmful algae blooms from freshwater rivers and lakes, and Red Tide algae blooms from salt water. The Company further plans to utilize its existing bi-products and relationships to produce waste to energy power generation.


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