Atlantic Power & Infrastructure's Proprietary ASCOGEL To Be Used in the Planting and Enhanced Growth of Over 1.5 Billion Trees
Atlantic Power & Infrastructure's wholly owned subsidiary Next Generation Agriculture (NGAG) in conjunction with Smart Trade Africa, announces that NGAG's proprietary ASCOGEL is to be used in the planting and enhanced growth of over 1.5 billion trees with agricultural intercropping, in support of the Kenyan Carbon Eco project (KCE) and to increase food security throughout sub-Saharan Africa

Mar 12, 2024 ·   Company News

TAMPA BAY, FL / ACCESSWIRE / March 6, 2024 / Atlantic Power & Infrastructure Corp. (OTC PINK:AWSL) and its subsidiary, Next Generation Agriculture (NGAG), join forces with Smart Trade Africa to advance sustainable development in Africa through large-scale tree planting and agriculture initiatives.

Atlantic Power & Infrastructure Corp. (AP&I) and its subsidiary NGAG, alongside Smart Trade Africa, announce a transformative partnership aimed at addressing environmental challenges and fostering sustainable development in Africa. In a strategic move, AP&I is finalizing negotiations to become a key partner with Smart Trade Africa, leveraging NGAG's proprietary ASCOGEL for planting and enhancing the growth of over 1.5 billion trees through agricultural intercropping.

Key Points:

  • AP&I's wholly-owned subsidiary, NGAG, partners with Smart Trade Africa for a sustainable tree planting initiative in Africa.

  • NGAG's proprietary ASCOGEL to be applied in the planting and enhanced growth of 1.5 billion trees, supporting the Kenyan Carbon Eco project and boosting food security in sub-Saharan Africa.

  • AP&I as a strategic partner with Smart Trade Africa under the jointly-owned SPV "Nature Soak Africa Ltd," is focusing on the exclusive distribution of ASCOGEL in substantial quantities.

  • The partnership aims to work closely with environmental agencies and governments to develop comprehensive strategies for addressing food security and sustainable land management in Africa.


"We are thrilled to partner with NGAG Inc. and AP&I in our shared mission to promote sustainable development and environmental conservation in Africa," said Tedd Moya, Chief Legal Counsel of Smart Trade Africa.

"As part of our collaboration with Smart Trade Africa, NGAG will be a 25% stakeholder in Nature Soak Africa Ltd., which will import and distribute NGAG's flagship products, promoting sustainable land management practices," added Martin Driscoll, President of NGAG Inc.

About Atlantic Power & Infrastructure Corp:

Specializing in environmental technologies, AP&I is known for converting recycled tire material into sustainable infrastructure products. Its flagship product, Flexi®-Pave, is widely used in various installations, including Yellowstone National Park and Arlington National Cemetery. The company is committed to environmental stewardship, water purification technology, and waste-to-energy power generation.

About Next Generation Agriculture:

AP&I's Next Generation Agriculture division focuses on innovative agricultural solutions, emphasizing sustainable practices such as ASCOGEL under the "Nature Soak" brand.

About Water Purification Next Generation (WPNG):

AP&I addresses global challenges, such as algae and red tide infestation, with its Algae Vessels (AVs). Operating with a zero-carbon footprint, the AVs utilize wind and solar power to eliminate harmful algae blooms in water bodies worldwide.


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