Atlantic Power & Infrastructure's Agriculture Division Makes Significant Strides in the Dominican Republic

Mar 28, 2024 ·   Company News

TAMPA BAY, FL / ACCESSWIRE / March 26, 2024 / Atlantic Power & Infrastructure Corp. (OTC PINK:AWSL) proudly announces a significant milestone as its proprietary bio-stimulant, Ascogel, receives acclaim from senior government officials in the Dominican Republic. Under the highest governmental directives, Ascogel has been selected for final testing and review to bolster the country's agricultural export markets.

Following rigorous evaluations by esteemed representatives of the Dominican Republic's government, Ascogel has demonstrated remarkable efficacy across various agricultural sites, including Lemon Trees, Chilies, Plantains and Tobacco plants. The promising results have prompted officials to initiate final testing phases with Ascogel, recognizing its potential to enhance crop quality, increase production efficiency, reduce costs and boost sustainability.

A senior official from the Dominican Republic government emphasized, "Ascogel presents a transformative opportunity for our nation's agriculture. By improving crop quality and increasing production while reducing costs, we anticipate significant benefits for both domestic consumption and export markets. This partnership with Atlantic Power & Infrastructure marks a crucial step towards revolutionizing our agricultural sector."

Martin Driscoll, President of AP&I's Agriculture Division, expressed confidence in the partnership's potential, stating, "With the Dominican Republic's endorsement of Ascogel and the anticipated financial benefits, we are poised to expand our footprint across the Caribbean and Central and South America. This milestone underscores our commitment to delivering innovative solutions that drive agricultural prosperity and sustainability."

This development aligns perfectly with the Dominican Republic's efforts to enhance national food security and reduce reliance on food imports. Industry analysts and trade partners recognize the strategic importance of Ascogel in achieving these goals.

About Next Generation Agriculture
Atlantic Power & Infrastructure's Next Generation Agriculture division focuses on innovative agricultural solutions, emphasizing sustainable practices under the "ASCOGEL" brand.

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Addressing the Global Challenge: Algae and Red Tide Infestation - a Serious Health Hazard.

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Specializing in environmental technologies, Atlantic Power & Infrastructure Corp. converts recycled tire material into sustainable infrastructure products. Its flagship product, Flexi®-Pave, known for its strength, flexibility, and porosity, is ideal for various applications, including shoreline break walls and marine projects. The company is committed to environmental stewardship, incorporating water purification technology, and exploring waste-to-energy power generation.

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