Atlantic Power & Infrastructure Corp's Subsidiary KBI UK Ltd Enhances Hadrian's Wall with Innovative Flexi(R)-Pave Technology
Revolutionary EC-Friendly Footpaths Installed at Historic Landmark, Homestead, Northern England.

Nov 01, 2023 ·   Company News

TAMPA BAY, FL / ACCESSWIRE / November 1, 2023 / Atlantic Power & Infrastructure Corp's proprietary technology Flexi®-Pave has once again proven its prowess in the international arena, completing two phases of installations at Homesteads - Roman Fort on Hadrian's Wall in Northern England. The famed ‘Hadrian's Wall' site, dating back to AD 124, attracts thousands of tourists annually, and now, thanks to Flexi®-Pave, visitors can experience this historical marvel on state-of-the-art footpaths.

KBI UK Ltd., a subsidiary of Atlantic Power & Infrastructure Corp., installed a total of 207 square meters of Flexi®-Pave footpaths, utilizing 662 recycled car tires. This environmentally conscious approach not only transformed the site but also prevented the release of 14,573 kg of Carbon Dioxide, contributing significantly to our environmental conservation efforts.

Kevin Sellwood, KBI's Sales Manager for the North of England, expressed his pride in the project, stating, "The installation of Flexi®-Pave at Hadrian's Wall is a testament to our technology's quality. Previously, the site had limited accessibility due to paths made from compacted dust. Flexi®-Pave provided an ideal solution by being installed directly on the existing surface, enhancing accessibility for all visitors. I am confident this landmark installation will pave the way for many more at World Heritage sites globally."

Flexi®-Pave's unique characteristics, including permeability, flexibility, crack resistance, and slip resistance, make it an ideal choice for historically significant sites. The material's installation at Hadrian's Wall was accomplished efficiently by KBI UK Ltd., ensuring minimal disruption to visitors' experiences.

Andrew Matches of the English Heritage committee expressed satisfaction with Flexi®-Pave, stating, "Working on sites of historic national importance, such as Hadrian's Wall, demands solutions that are environmentally friendly and non-disruptive. Flexi®-Pave not only met but exceeded our expectations, providing a level surface while preserving the site's integrity. We commend KBI UK Ltd. for their professionalism and support throughout the process."

About Atlantic Power & Infrastructure Corp:

Atlantic Power and Infrastructure Corp. is at the forefront of environmental technologies with its Water Purification Technology division that effectively combats harmful algae blooms in freshwater rivers and lakes, as well as Red Tide algae blooms in saltwater bodies.

Atlantic Power and Infrastructure Corp's Next Generation Agriculture division offers farmers financial benefits through eco-friendly fire retardants and Ascogel, which increases production by up to 30% and retains up to 400 times its weight in water for dry conditions.

Atlantic Power and Infrastructure Corp's under its Scrap Tire Construction Products division and its cutting-edge technology Flexi®-Pave that has been creating sustainable infrastructure products for over 20 years. Flexi®-Pave is a highly porous and durable material widely used for stormwater management, water treatment, shoreline protection, and ship docks. A partial list of renowned installations for its proprietary Flexi®-Pave include; Yellowstone National Park; Arlington National Cemetery; Red Butte Gardens; Atlanta Georgia's Iconic - Beltline; and in London, England - Kew Botanical Gardens

Flexi®-Pave's exceptional characteristics include long and short-term permeability, flexibility, crack resistance (even in freeze-thaw conditions), trip hazard resistance, and slip resistance.


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