Atlantic Power & Infrastructure Corp's (AP&I) Next Generation Agriculture, Revolutionizes European Agriculture with Strategic Nature Soak Partnership

Oct 04, 2023 ·   Company News

TAMPA BAY, FL / ACCESSWIRE / October 4, 2023 / In a groundbreaking move set to redefine European agriculture, Next Generation Agriculture (NGAG Inc), a wholly owned subsidiary of AP&I (OTC PINK:AWSL), has acquired a substantial 25% equity share in Nature Soak Ltd. This visionary partnership signifies a significant leap towards transforming the agricultural landscape in the UK and Europe.

Key Partnership Objectives:

Expanding Product Accessibility: This strategic collaboration ensures that Next Generation Agriculture's revolutionary products, branded as Nature Soak, will now reach a wider community of farmers and growers throughout Europe. Nature Soak Ltd. has been granted an exclusive European distribution mandate for NGAG's unique ultra-absorbent bio stimulant, ASCOGEL, now rebranded as Nature Soak for the European market.

Continuous Innovation through Data: A robust data collection system will be established to gather user feedback and monitor product performance. This data-driven approach will pave the way for enhancing and evolving Next Generation Agriculture's innovative agricultural solutions.

Revolutionary Impact on Farming:

Nature Soak's ASCOGEL, now Nature Soak, has the remarkable ability to retain 400 times its weight in water, even in arid conditions. This groundbreaking technology reduces crop reliance on water and fertilizers, cutting down irrigation needs by over 40%. Derived entirely from plants, it offers vital nutrients, water retention, and organic solutions, all while significantly boosting crop growth and yield. This eco-friendly product stands as a beacon of sustainable agriculture, lowering costs for growers and increasing overall income.

Nature Soak UK is a pioneering force in environmentally conscious agricultural technology, committed to providing sustainable solutions that benefit both farmers and the environment. Appointed recently as the exclusive distributor for the UK and Europe of NGAG proprietary agricultural products.

Empowering Farmers, Transforming Agriculture:

By uniting forces, AP&I and Nature Soak UK are tackling the most pressing challenges in modern European agriculture. This partnership not only provides farmers with unparalleled access to cutting-edge technology but also encourages active participation in the evolution of these groundbreaking products.

Martin Driscoll, President of Next Generation Agriculture and Director / Member of the Board of AP&I expressed his enthusiasm:

"We are thrilled to partner with Nature Soak Ltd in our shared mission to advance agricultural innovation. This collaboration not only widens the reach of groundbreaking agricultural technology but also underscores our commitment to ensuring affordable food security for the UK and Europe, backed by continuous improvement through data-driven insights."

Richard Lipscombe, CEO of Nature Soak Ltd, added:

"This collaboration represents a significant milestone in the agricultural industry. Together with Next Generation Agriculture, we will empower farmers with sustainable solutions and utilize their feedback to drive further innovation in our products."

For more information about Next Generation Agriculture, please visit NGAG's Website.

About AP&I's Next Generation Agriculture Division (NGAG):

Next Generation Agriculture stands at the forefront of agricultural innovation, dedicated to transforming the future of farming through cutting-edge technology and sustainable practices. As a wholly owned subsidiary of AP&I - NGAG is committed to revolutionizing agriculture worldwide. Learn more at Atlantic Power & Infrastructure.

Empowering farmers with forward-looking solutions, our Next Generation Agriculture division offers a range of benefits. From eco-friendly fire retardants to Ascogel. NGAG.htm

About AP&I's Scrap Tire Construction Products Division (STCP):

For over two decades Atlantic Power & Infrasrucure Corp's, wholly owned subsidiary - K.B. Industries Inc., has pioneered the revolutionary Flexi®-Pave technology, which is part of the STCP Division, this advanced material, characterized by its high porosity and durability, is a game-changer in stormwater management, water treatment, shoreline protection, and ship docks. kbi.htm

Flexi®-Pave's extraordinary qualities include long-term and short-term permeability, remarkable flexibility, crack resistance (even in challenging freeze-thaw conditions), enhanced resistance against trip hazards, and exceptional slip resistance.

About AP&I's Water Purification Next Generation (WPNG):

The Global Challenge: Algae and Red Tide Infestation - a Serious Health Hazard

Algae infestation in water bodies worldwide poses a rapidly growing and critical health risk worldwide. AP&I is at the forefront of combating this crisis with an ingenious solution.

Through proprietary Algae Vessels (AVs), these vessels are strategically placed within hazardous water bodies to target and eliminate harmful Algae Blooms that plague rivers, ponds, and lakes, as well as Red Tide Algae blooms in saltwater bodies. The AVs adeptly absorb the harmful Algae and Red Tide, processing them onboard before safely returning benign Algae to the water body. This transformed Algae then contributes as a natural and non-hazardous food source for aquatic life.

Innovative Benefits and Sustainable Practices

While battling this environmental menace, the AVs operate with a zero-carbon footprint, harnessing wind and solar power for their operation.

This commitment aligns with AP&I's overarching corporate goal of benefiting the environment.

With its pioneering proprietary technology, AP&I is not only safeguarding aquatic ecosystems but also promoting healthier water bodies. The subsidiary's efforts are set to alleviate what has rapidly become a critical health hazard worldwide. Until now, environmental authorities have been grappling with a solution to this swiftly escalating crisis. Through innovation and dedication, AP&I's subsidiary is rewriting the narrative and leading the charge toward a safer and more sustainable future.

As AP&I continues its innovative journey, we remain steadfast in our commitment to "proven sustainable pioneering solutions" that create lasting positive impact across the planet.


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