Atlantic Power and Infrastructure’s KB Industries Flexi(R)-Pave provides a Welcome Solution for Pump Tracks
Atlantic's KB Industries proprietary Flexi®-Pave installation at "Velosolutions Pump Track" installed at Big Rock Quarry in North Little Rock, Arkansas gives wheeled sports fans an ideal facility

Mar 04, 2022 ·   Company News

TAMPA BAY, FL / ACCESSWIRE / February 23, 2022 / Atlantic Power & Infrastructure Corp. (OTC PINK:AWSL) is pleased to announce it has completed the installation of the recently opened ‘PUMP TRACK' at the popular Big Rock Quarry Bike Park in Little Rock, Arkansas

Flexi®-Pave was chosen to replace the traditional grass or turf, as Flexi®-Pave strong and porous finish provides the necessary drainage, subsequently increasing the rideable surface areas within the Pump Track. Flexi®-Pave is an ideal alternative for landscaping in this application for many reasons. It allows water drainage, provides low to almost no maintenance for city parks, eliminates the need for weed eating or watering grass. The Flexi®-Pave surface is sturdy enough to allow bikes to ride over without damaging the landscaping and to use in tandem with the actual Pump Track course. Installed by who now view Flexi®-Pave as the surface of choice in future installations due to all its benefits and it's pleasing visual appeal.

About Pump Track

Pump Tracks being a track for wheeled sports equipment that, when ridden properly, does not require pedaling or pushing, but a "pumping" action to maintain momentum. Originally designed for the mountain bike and the BMX scene, now, due to improved construction technology, is also used by skateboarders, and accessible to wheelchairs.

In 2018, Velosolutions in conjunction with Red Bull launched the first global pump track race series, the Red Bull Pump Track World Championships. In 2019 the winning podium included a UCI Gold Medal after joining forces with the Union Cycliste Internationale and became the Red Bull UCI Pump Track World Championships. The future holds the Olympics in its sights and the future sure looks bright.

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Big Rock Quarry Park

North Little Rock Parks and Recreation is located at Big Rock Quarry Bike Park, 4000 River Road • North Little Rock, Arkansas.

(Installation of Flexi®-Pave not yet shown on their website)

About Flexi®-Pave

Flexi®-Pave uses the natural, vulcanized strength of scrap tires, along with KBI's proprietary technology, and converts the "Recycled Tire Granules" into proven, sustainable infrastructure construction products. This massively porous but strong structural material can be used for a variety of infrastructure applications with demonstrated success. Applications include storm water management, water treatment and shoreline protection projects, including ship docks. Flexi®-Pave offers long and short-term permeability, flexibility, crack resistance (even freeze-thaw conditions) trip hazard resistance and slip resistance. Notable locations include Yellowstone National Park; Arlington National Cemetery; Seaside Park's Band Shell, City of Bridgeport, Connecticut; Red Butte Gardens, Utah; Atlanta Georgia's Iconic Beltline; Kew Botanical Gardens, London England.

About Atlantic Power and Infrastructure Corp.

Atlantic P&I provides environmental technologies including converting recycled tire material into proven, sustainable infrastructure products. Its flagship product Flexi ® -Pave's resounding strength, flexibility and porous nature which protects from land erosion has led to its use in high profile shoreline break walls and other marine and infrastructure projects. The Company's water purification technology removes harmful algae blooms from freshwater rivers and lakes, and Red Tide algae blooms from salt water. The Company further plans to utilize its existing bi-products and relationships to produce waste to energy power generation.


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