Atlantic Power and Infrastructure Acquires Agricultural Biotech Pioneer Dyacare Biotech LLP
Atlantic Power and Infrastructure Corp., (API) unveils the new, wholly owned subsidiary Next Generation Agriculture. (NGAG) as its commercial platform for the proprietary technologies of Dyacare Biotech LLP, offering global food security through increased productivity, with lower production costs, while supporting API's sustainable commitment to ‘Protect our environment for the benefit of future generations'.

May 12, 2023 ·   Company News

TAMPA BAY, FL / ACCESSWIRE / May 11, 2023 / Atlantic Power & Infrastructure Corp (OTC PINK:AWSL) is pleased to announce the acquisition of an 80% controlling interest and international rights to the technologies developed and those currently under development by Dyacare Biotech LLP.

These beneficial and "climate effect" mitigation technologies, including:

  • a naturally produced planting medium that supports low-cost production of food, even in arid and saline conditions;

  • an organic plant vaccine that stimulates the crop's own immune system;

  • foliar antitranspirant amendments that dramatically reduce crop dependence on irrigation;

  • an eco-friendly fire retardant that naturally biodegrades without harming terrestrial or marine ecology.

Dyacare Biotech LLP's nature-based technologies have been tested and proven internationally, with resounding results from independent trials conducted by potential distributors, universities, and various industry respected institutions.

Next Generation Agriculture. (NGAG)

Atlantic Power and Infrastructure unveils the new, wholly owned subsidiary Next Generation Agriculture. (NGAG) to market and develop Dyacare Biotech technologies

NGAG will provide farmers and growers with proactive and ecologically responsive solutions to climate induced challenges. They will take the lead in regenerative farming practices, with this proprietary range of affordable, eco-friendly solutions to the problems that currently stand before farmers and growers. NGAG‘s potential global clientele ranges from regional farming co-operatives to multi-national manufacturers and distributors of sustainable inputs for agriculture, horticulture, forestry, and amenity sectors.

With climate change dominating global media, longer, more intense droughts are imperiling freshwater supplies and crops. Extreme weather events that damage infrastructure, wipe out harvests and erode natural resources are hitting the livelihoods of farmers and foresters who have contributed least to climate change. The State of Food Security and Nutrition in the World cites the changing climate as a key driver behind a rise in the number of hungry people.

NGAG is delivering solutions that support national commitments to transform food systems and promote sustainable agriculture. Our super absorbent water and nutrient retaining biostimulant and soil conditioner "ASCOGEL" can substantially lower the cost of food production, to support a world without hunger and malnutrition, and build resilience and adaptive capability. Even in arid and saline soils! This is a typical example of NGAG's commitment to becoming a major contributor in innovating the agriculture sector by transforming farming practices to meet climate challenges that are dominating world markets.

EMERALD GREEN Fire Retardant

The launch of our unique eco-friendly fire retardant "EMERALDGREEN" at the internationally acclaimed ChangeNow 2023 summit in Paris,( is an example of the viable solutions offered by NGAG. The Paris summit brings together the most innovative solutions and impactful changemakers tackling our planet's biggest challenges, to take action to accelerate change.

Chairman and CEO of Atlantic Power & Infrastructure Mr. Kevin Bagnall stated: "While our wholly owned Subsidiary KB Industries (KBI) with its STCP - Scrap Tire Construction Products and our proprietary Flexi®-Pave and related products have been and continue to see substantial growth, it has always been our goal to enhance our portfolio of technologies that will help enforce our commitment to become known as one the leading corporations internationally whose goal it is to help improve the environment with ‘Green' technologies." Commenting further "We have been negotiating with the principals and intellect behind Dyacare Biotech LLP for over a year. We have confirmed their ability to lead the market with the most advanced and most beneficial technologies to help protect and benefit the environment for this and all future generations. As the Chairman/CEO I take great pride in this acquisition and look forward to introducing the amazing professionals and minds of those individuals who have spent over a decade developing and perfecting these technologies. Over the next number of weeks and months, our NGAGsubsidiary will be providing in depth details of Dyacare Biotech LLP" and its potential "benefits.

With divisions such as NGAG and STCP I am confident decision makers at all levels of the corporate world as well as politicians will realize that API is connecting proven and beneficial technologies making API the ‘One Stop' organization to help enhance environmental stability for generations to come".

About Flexi®-Pave

Flexi®-Pave uses the natural, vulcanized strength of scrap tires, along with KBI's proprietary technology, and converts the "Recycled Tire Granules" into proven, sustainable infrastructure construction products. This massively porous but strong structural material can be used for a variety of infrastructure applications with demonstrated success. Applications include storm water management, water treatment and shoreline protection projects, including ship docks. Flexi®-Pave offers long and short-term permeability, flexibility, crack resistance (even freeze-thaw conditions) trip hazard resistance and slip resistance. Notable locations include Yellowstone National Park; Arlington National Cemetery; Red Butte Gardens, Utah; Atlanta Georgia's Iconic Beltline; Kew Botanical Gardens, London England.

About Atlantic Power & Infrastructure Corp.

Atlantic Power and Infrastructure Corp. provides environmental technologies including converting recycled tire material into proven, sustainable infrastructure products. Its flagship product Flexi®-Pave`s resounding strength, flexibility and porous nature which protects from land erosion has led to its use in high profile shoreline break walls and other marine and infrastructure projects. The Company's water purification technology removes harmful algae blooms from freshwater rivers and lakes, and Red Tide algae blooms from salt water.


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